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20. 07. 2010
"CE marking makes Europe´s market yours"
We often see the "CE marking" on some of the products we buy, but what does it really mean? Under the slogan "CE marking makes Europe's market yours!", the European Commission is carrying out an information campaign on the CE marking. The marking signals that a product is in compliance with all relevant EU legislation, making it eligible to be marketed and sold throughout the EU. By affixing the CE marking on a product, a manufacturer is declaring, on his sole responsibility, conformity with all relevant legal requirements, in particular those which ensure health, safety, and environmental protection. Legal and economic repercussions of non-conformity abuses are so great that it will deter the vast majority of legitimate businesses from not respecting these laws. This campaign is directed primarily to economic operators, to raise their awareness and understanding of the CE marking.

Industry and Entrepreneurship Commissioner, Vice-President Antonio Tajani said: “We need to boost the visibility of and public trust in the CE marking. Our campaign aims to promote a better understanding of the meaning behind the marking and the purpose of its use. However, this confidence is also dependent on the reliability of the system on which the CE mark is based. Thus it will boost consumer’s confidence and benefit producers and distributors.”

In cooperation with Media Consulta Event GmbH the Delafair GmbH develpod and realized a trendsetting Information booth for this campaign.
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